CNS, in depth

The story of CityNightShift

By: Erine Camille

1. What exactly is Citynightshift? I know it’s a night ride around LA, but is there anything else you can tell me to describe it? What makes it special?

Citynightshift was born in LA but I eventually would like to make it go all over wherever I travel. I would love to do rides everywhere & anywhere. People from all over are using our hashtag and wanting to come out to join the fun which is awesome!
A lot of people tell me that they feel like it’s like a family. I lead the ride and I’m very big on looking out for each other and super adamant that there is no one is left behind if there’s a flat or someone gets hurt we will stop and help them as a group. Its a very chill paced ride and we always stop somewhere for a beer and a bite. We also go to a lot of historical destinations that have been around or that are popular in LA. It helps get people to visit somewhere they have never been or heard of before. I initially set out to be a beginner-medium level bike ride so that newbie’s who just bought a bike could feel comfortable to ride around on the streets. There are a lot of beginners but there are also a lot of racers and advanced riders who join and don’t mind the medium paced ride.

2. What’s the story behind how you started Citynightshift?

The story was that the bike shop Just Ride LA posted something on their Instagram. They were looking for a female “brand ambassador” for their shop. I don’t know much about bikes but I’ve been riding a fixed gear since 2009 but my boyfriend tagged me in the post telling me I should apply. Well I did, and was called in a week later for an interview. They realized it was me and knew me because my boyfriend and I go in there often to buy bike stuff. They went into depth about the position and they wanted it to be more of a sales associate position to help girls feel more comfortable coming into their shop. But I told them I do a lot of group rides and I would love to start one that focused more on urban riding instead of being in the shop since I’m already in retail as a full-time make up artist. Well they called me back 2 weeks later and they liked my idea about doing a ride and wanted me to come up with a name and 3 things I wanted the ride to represent.

I came up with Nightshift at first because it was going to be a night ride. That hashtag had an outrageous number of posts so I added City to it and #Citynightshift wasn’t taken at all so that’s how citynightshift came about. I wanted to keep it universal and not dedicated to one place so anyone can relate to this ride. My birthday was coming up on a Tuesday in April and that’s when I wanted to start the ride. So on April 7, 2015 the first Citynightshift ride happened on a heavy rainy night. I thought no one would show because of the weather but 9 people showed up 3 strangers; Quinton was first, Chants, and then Mario AKA Clutch. 6 other people joined that I did know my boyfriend RJ, a coworker Mikaela, and 3 people from Just Ride LA shop. That night we also met Franklin on the 6th street bridge who now takes photos for the ride. Ever since then I have been volunteering every week leading this ride.

3. What are the goals for the logo branding? What do you want it to communicate?

I wanted it to be about Community and giving back to the less fortunate, being safe while you cycle in your city and learning how to be good to strangers. Also help spread awareness about other bicycle rides and events going on in the biking community.

I’m also working on having a night once a week or once a month where we do “meals on wheels”. Meaning we would all gather donations of food and make sandwiches or whatever we come up with and ride our bikes to either skid row or a church where we can feed homeless people or families in need.

4. Lastly, what is your long term vision, beyond printing shirts and other things? Do you plan on expanding the ride to other cities?

Yes, I definitely want to expand and travel all over with Citynightshift and ride anywhere and everywhere. We were just sponsored by Leader Bikes so I feel like things are even getting better and it’s a great opportunity to be known all over positively.

I know this may sound lame but I cry often because I get so many posts and texts from people I meet through this ride about how they have a family and something to look forward to every week. A lot of these people have met us halfway through the ride and chimed in. Some people have found CNS through instagram, which is usually the case. Citynightshift has been a huge blessing to myself and I’m here to bring positivity to people’s lives. I’m going through a lot as well and this ride helps me escape for a couple hours once a week. My goals are to help others and be there for anyone who needs someone. I take everyone in with open arms as long as you have the same mindset and have love for other humans. We all have each other and with citynightshift strangers have become family. If you look up #citynightshift you’ll see a few of the sweet things people have said about the ride. It’s really uplifting. Thank you for taking the time to read this. See you out on the road!